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These are the areas and themes where I can accompany and support your development and growth.

Services & Themes


Coaching enables you to discover who you really are. I provide you with methods to reflect on what you do and to become more self-aware. I help you to see your accomplishments, strengths and limitations, and to create new ways of relating to yourself and others.


As you find yourself confused or overwhelmed by your current situation, let's look at how your emotions, stress level, relationships and work life are all interconnected. I take an integrative perspective to help you discover new ways of seeing and being.


As your sparring partner, I can better understand how you operate within the various conflict of interests, political games, leadership dilemmas, power pressure, integrity questions and any other challenges of your business reality. I support you to become clearer and more independent in your key strategic and business decisions.


I ask you to look within yourself and discover why you act and respond as you do. Together we examine the assumptions informing the way you talk, think about and approach your work and your life. You gain a deeper understanding of your needs and yourself, grow emotionally and gain confidence to lead yourself with vigour.


Together, we identify how you address uncomfortable issues, place trust in and value others. We create the conditions for you to be as genuine and close, or as distant and diplomatic as is needed to be helpful as a leader in your organisation.


I support you in reflecting on your own behaviours and understanding to what extent you feel a victim of change or see yourself in the driving seat. Together we address the emotional aspects of the change you are experiencing and discover the difficult issues such as loss of power, trust and role identity.


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