Honour your needs

It is your imperfection that makes you interesting and useful as a leader, it gives you your determination and defines your own way of seeing and doing things.

Leading Yourself

Your self-confidence

Sometimes you need to be strong, capable of holding the stress of the job, able to face the challenges and obstacles, confident that both you and the organization will succeed when others doubt it.

Your demons

Demons are what make you a special person. Because your demons are the issues that are unresolved, they give you energy and drive. Understanding your demons can calm you down and help you think about the impact of your actions and avoid behavior that is damaging.

Your own needs

As a leader you need to look to your own needs if you are to survive and be effective: how are you going to lead others if you are not in good enough shape yourself?

Your authenticity

When you work with a leader who seems to be perfect, there is nothing to relate to. It is like interacting with a stone. Showing vulnerability creates an emotional link with others and helps your people staying connected with you.

What I can offer you:

During your coaching I ask you to look within yourself and discover why you act and respond as you do. Together we examine the assumptions informing the way you talk, think about and approach your work and your life. You gain a deeper understanding of your needs and yourself, grow emotionally and gain confidence to lead yourself.


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