You have to connect with people
before you can lead them.

You don’t have to be an extraordinary person in order to lead others successfully: Your leadership is determined by the day-to-day actions you take.

Leading Others


Leading others involves you having the courage to face the issues that everyone is aware of but no-one dares mention: Your people don't expect you to provide an answer to the uncomfortable question; but they need someone to have the courage to address the elephant in the room.


It isn’t enough to appreciate others; you have to make sure that others know you appreciate them. Let people know that you value their contribution.


If you are prepared to trust yourself and your people and believe that together you will find the answer, then most probably you will.

Asking for help

For each leader there is a balance between what you can bear alone and what you can only bear with a trusted confidant. Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness. Allowing yourself to depend on others and having the courage to ask for help enables you to bear much more.

What I can offer you:

Together, we identify how you address uncomfortable issues, place trust in and value others. We create the conditions to enable you to be as genuine and close, or as distant and diplomatic as is needed to be a helpful leader in your organization.


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