If you want real change,
you have to change yourself.

In a change process it is important to meet your people where they are, in order to be able to react appropriately to their emotional response. But it is also significant that you can address the emotional aspects of the change you are experiencing yourself, e.g. loss of power or change of role.

Facing and Leading Change

Your participation in change

Change is not something out there, for the others, but something in which you need to participate. As a leader you learn and develop together with your people.

Your appreciation of the present and the past

We often get focused on what we want to change in the future but are unable to hold in mind the difficulties of the present. As a leader an appreciative view of the present and the past enables you to be more convincing about what needs to change in the future.

Leadership is key

Leadership is at the heart of change processes: If you want to lead your people somewhere new, you have to show the link between the strategy, the planned action and the expected benefit of the change. You also need to meet your people where they are, truly listen, stay in a relationship and dialogue with them and be as visible as possible during the change process, in order to face and influence the emotional response.

Formal and informal aspects of change

Organizational processes are defined by formal procedures and systems, but many interactions between people in a company are ‘informal’ and people behave in unpredictable ways. Therefore effective change requires not only attention to formal processes and structures but also to the informal interactions which happen within the firm.

What I can offer you:

I support you to reflect on your own behaviors and to understand to what extent you feel a victim of change or see yourself in the driving seat. Together we address the emotional aspects of the change you and your people are experiencing and discover the difficult issues that can accompany change, such as loss of trust, power and role identity.


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