The hardest
part is tolerating

As a leader you work on various levels: operational and strategic, relationships and tasks, emotional and rational. You don’t know what business requirements and challenges are waiting around the corner. You can only use what you have: your intuition and emotions, intelligence and faculties.

Business Challenges

Business pressure

Corporate life is demanding: whether you are working in a matrix organization, in a regional or global function, the expectations towards you are high: You should provide strategic direction, product innovation, client satisfaction, raise margins, achieve sustainable growth and profitability.

Corporate demands

Also the internal pressure is growing: you are demanded to improve processes, operational excellence, employee satisfaction, retention, cost ratios and also adhere to safety standards, ethical requirements and regulations.

The myth of full control

We often gain added responsibility and position because we bring matters under control. We have to accept though that there are many issues we have to deal with as leader that are out of our control: You might be able to influence, but you can’t always control. This has serious consequences for you and your way of leading.

Maneuvering wisely

As a business leader you experience corporate life and its unwritten rules, political manoeuvres, power games connected to the conflicting interests and dilemmas of the business and organization you work in. Maneuvering wisely in such a sensitive environment requires personal savvy but also some distance, self reflection and clarity about your own interests.

What I can offer you:

I have led teams for many years and therefore know the games and unwritten rules of the corporate world. This allows me to quickly relate to your business reality and understand what you are talking about. I am your sparring partner, with whom you can share and better understand how you operate within your conflict of interests, political games, leadership dilemmas, power pressures, integrity questions and any other challenge of your business reality. You become clearer and more independent in your key strategic and business decisions.


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